Evolved Leftoverz

Evolved Leftoverz is a collection of 1111 leftover companions, rebuilding the city of Wenville. Minting an evolved leftover grants you access into Wenville headquarters, your space for utility, alpha & gaming. Your journey begins right after minting.

Machina Mystery Boxes

A mystery from the future. In this chest is contained something that will Evolve your imagination or leave you feeling empty...some contain Blue chip NFT's like Aptos Monkeys, Pontem Space Pirates, Bruh Bears, and many more. Some will contain newer projects with potential. Some will be empty. Welcome to the future...🤖 Evolution 2 Revolution 🦾

ARBO Access Cards

Unlock the Power of Passive Income with ARBO Access Cards! Introducing the ultimate NFT utility token, designed to provide you with a steady stream of profits. With 100% of the mint revenue going directly into a portfolio of expertly managed trading bots, you can sit back and watch as your Aptos Wallet grows. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to join the ranks of smart investors and secure your financial future with the ARBO Access Card.

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